Multilingual, a module for translating an existing page or dataobject into different languages and keep it in the same site tree.

We love Silverstripe. It's easy to use and lovely to develop for. It however lacks some functionality in one area - multi languages. Yes, we know. There's the Translatable extension which you can use to translate a page (thru a copy of the original), but that is actually not what our clients want.

The translatable module makes sense if you need different site trees for different locales. For instance: Big organisations and enterprises might have offices in multiple countries, where each one would want an own translation / site tree. Sure enough, the Translatable module is a great match for that. However,  most clients (I believe) are mainly interested in just translating existing pages. This is especially true for e-commerce sites.

We have therefore created a module named "Multilingual". It is based on the Silverstripe recipe with the same name. It is now possible to add multilingual fields to all your pages. You still have one Page (object) but it holds all the languages. With this approach it makes it way easier to work with page relations and such between languages. It has made our and our clients lives a lot easier! We are now releasing it as an open-source module. You can find the module on github: Enjoy! *Update We have now updated the module and added multilingual URLs as well. For full documentation see


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