With Silverstripe 3, the Silverstripe platform enters an new era.

It’s now faster, more efficient and with even better user experience. We are really impressed of how the people at Silverstripe are moving the platform further ahead. It’s simply the best version yet! But – with all that said – we still miss a nice way of doing multi languages. At least the way we want it to. We realized quickly that the Translatable module didn’t do the job. We needed a single dataobject to hold all the translations – not several duplicate dataobject for every translation.

We previously had the same issue with Silverstripe 2.4. We therefore released an open-source module called ”Multilingual module” that resolved the problem we had the way we wanted it to. We have now rewritten it for Silverstripe 3.0. It’s even faster, cleaner and easier to set up than the first version. We are now offering this new module it with a commercial licence. You can still use our Multilingual module for SS 2.4 for free, but you’ll have to upgrade it yourself to work with SS 3.0.


  • Full Silverstripe 3.0 & 3.1 Support
    Rewritten for Silvertripe 3. Its faster and cleaner. 
  • i18n support
    All lang files work as expected on front end. You can even set the mappings between language and locales. 
  • Multilingual module works for all objects.
    Set multilingual fields for Pages, Dataobjects and SiteConfig. 
  • Not all fields on a object need to be translated
    Select what fields you want to be multilingual on your object.
  • Front site URLs starts with language code
    Swedish, for instance uses /sv/ in front of your site URLs. The full swedish URL could for instance look like this: www.mysite.com/sv/about-us/contact
  • Option to translate the URLSegments for each language
    This feature gives you a unique URL depending which language is active. The above URL could instead look like this: www.mysite.com/sv/om-oss/kontakt
  • Easy and powerful to use
    When having a lot of dataobject relations this way of working with languages is – in our opinion – superior.


Price for the module is € 195.00

You’ll receive the download link as soon as the payment is confirmed! The link contains the full source code for the module.

The License grants you, the Purchaser, a non-exclusive, non-transferrable right to make use of the work you acquire.


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